Background Story

Pot and Torch Gospel ministry was formed in 2023 with a desire to tell others of the salvation story found only in Jesus Christ. The founders saw an opportunity to share this gospel in a unique way after their spouses had done a few vendor events. They noticed that there was a large New Age presence at these events, and a very little gospel presence. So, they began to create stickers and tracts to pass out at these vendor events with hopes to have conversations with people about the gospel.

Our Hope

One person said that evangelism is just one beggar telling another begger where there is food. Our hope isn't grandiose. We simply want to be someone pointing the way to Jesus, the Bread of life! 

We serve the God who can provide you with joy that will last for eternity. He will provide you with a spiritual fullness that is found in no other place. He provides comfort and rest to those struggling with their sins. We tell others of His forgiveness and redemption power. A forgiveness and deliverance we have found in Jesus Christ.

How You Can Help

There are a few ways that you can help as we strive to share the gospel. First, pray! This ministry can't succeed on its own efforts. It's only God who can change hearts.  Second, share your input regarding the materials we are making. Let us know whether you think they are effective or what you would like to see. Third, come by our booth and grab some tracts or stickers to pass out. Be like the sower in the parable, and scatter the seed of the gospel. Fourth, donate as you feel led. 

If you would like to chat with us please send a message.